What the heck is Lacuma?

Caffeine is generally considered a no-no when pregnant, and indeed when trying to get pregnant. When carrying someone else in your belly the UK Government recommend no more than 200mg of caffeine daily. If part of your daily routine is to stop off at Starbucks to get a Grande Americano then you’re over that already at 225mg.

Instead why not dig out that old blender from the deepest recesses of the kitchen and knock up a smoothie to have at your desk instead?

For pretty much the same price as Starbucks, LoveYourBlender do some fantastic sachets of superfoods which make the process even easier.[more] Plus they’re more femininely packaged and will set you up better for the day than a roller coaster shot of caffeine.

Although all contain a great mix of antioxidants, fibres and fats, the Sweet Lacuma one I thought was particularly great for pregnancy as it contains flaxseeds and hemp seeds, both of which are a great source of omega 3 essential fatty acids. The pecans also supply biotin which many pregnant women are at risk of being deficient in during their first trimester.

I adore these LoveYourBlender sachets, they’re fun to open, exciting to explore and make blending a lot more interesting than bog standard protein powders and spinach.

(Oh and Lacuma btw is apparently a fruit of the Peruvian Pouteria Lucuma tree and contains 14 essential trace elements - live and learn eh?)

By Saffron Rogerson

02 June 2015