Tuesday Kickboxing Class, Oxford Academy, OX4 6JZ

Kids Class (5 years upwards) from 5:30-6:30

Adults Class (14 years upwards) from 6:3-7:30

Novices and beginners welcome.

The class covers basic and advanced syllabus and self-defences techniques to get you to your black belt.

For those that just want to get fit kickboxing is a brilliant stress-relieving way to incorporate cardiac exercise into your life.

For those that want to compete competitively South-East Martial Arts supports its members through WAKO events throughout the year with our members regularly returning with well-earnt medals.

Come along for a free no-obligation lesson, all welcome. With membership of South-East Academy you have access to different kickboxing classes across the region (http://www.se-martialarts.co.uk/clubs). Phone Saffron on 07926 004062 for more details.

By Saffron Rogerson

30 December 2016