Had To Do Something With The Chia Seeds...

Ok, so I had to do something with the chia seeds left over from the chia porridge experiment so I tried this cookie recipe from Deliciously Ella

As she says on her site they are an incredibly healthy biscuit and certainly better for you and your kids than that packet of Jaffa Cakes hidden in the cupboard, although having said that they are quite an adult taste. With all the nuts and seeds they’ll be high[more] in protein, healthy fats and minerals and would play a great part of a Low GL diet whilst still allowing the indulgence of a sweet tooth (I worked it out as around 185 calories a biscuit – I made 15).

I did make a couple of substitutions. There are only so many different types of flour one can fit into one’s cupboard and as I don’t have quinoa or buckwheat (and there are no gluten issues in our household) I used ordinary wholewheat plain flour. I have also run out of maple syrup so used half agave syrup and half honey*. Oh yeah and one final tip – melt the coconut oil first, it makes it much easier to blend!

* if you’re interested: maple syrup is 65% sucrose, 35% fructose so has a higher GI than agave syrup. Honey is around 53% fructose. Agave syrup is 75% fructose so has a lower GI and a bit sweeter than ordinary table sugar. Maple syrup may be considered to have more trace elements but one shouldn’t consider any form of sugar (save maybe molasses) to be a source of nutrients. Agave is currently at the bottom of the Nutritional Trendy Food Barometeras it’s metabolised by the liver, but I’m not going to lose sleep over 1/6th of a cup spread over 15 biscuits. Possibly we should leave it to be converted to tequila, at least we know where we stand with alcohol…

By Saffron Rogerson

29 April 2015