Goldilocks was probably on a budget too

So I had chia porridge for breakfast this morning because it’s my job to try out weird things like that.

And it was nice, fine, ok. Not the sort of thing that was going to get my kids thundering down the stairs in the morning regardless of how trendy[more] and nutritious it may be. And then it dawned on me just how expensive it was, following a recipe I found on the net, chia seed “porridge” will cost between £1-1.50 each morning. Chia seeds are an expensive business when a portion of normal porridge can cost less than 10p a serving. Good nutrition should not be elitist. Unless you have a specific reason to be avoiding oats let’s not overcomplicate and over expense life. Tesco Value Oats at 75p a kg.

Long live the value brand.

By Saffron Rogerson

17 April 2015