As a follow-up to the last post I thought I ought to include a word of warning regarding Jerusalum Artichokes!

If one’s bowels are a stranger to the type of fibre within them – fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) then they may have an unwanted and unsocial side-effect (ahem…). This is because FOS remains undigested until it reaches the bacteria in your large intestine. The healthy bacteria here love FOS as an energy source and it consequently becomes a valuable prebiotic (hence the gas[more] as the bacteria go to town on fermentation). This is a good thing, the more good bacteria we have then the less space there is for the undesirable bacteria.

However the simple solution to this side-effect is to regularly include vegetables in your diet. Every meal should be 50% vegetable, add them to your plate first and then add the carbohydrates and protein, you’ll automatically eat more.

As a serious word of warning though if you suffer from IBS then the vegetable may set off painful cramps. Work up slowly to introducing them into your diet.

By Saffron Rogerson

15 November 2013