Do you love your cuppa? Can you not walk past a Costa without twitching? Then fret not, despite it’s unhealthy reputation caffeine can actually provide health benefits. Moderate coffee and tea consumption is inversely correlated to Type ...II Diabetes and the incidence of Parkison’s Disease. Which is to say, that these diseases have a lower prevalence amongst people who consume tea and coffee.

A snifter of caffeine before a workout can also increase[more] performance, so much so that professional athletes are tested for it prior to competing. But if you’re just heading to your spinning class it’s probably allowable and might even get you through the warm-up before breaking into a sweat (although it would take more than a proplus tablet to manage that for me).

If you’ve got a cola habit, remember Pepsi has half the caffeine content of Coke. And, if you’re swamping it with vodka, who’s going to notice less caffeine anyway….

By Saffron Rogerson

30 June 2014