YOU are the expert for YOUR baby

Sometimes dealing with a new-born isn’t all hand-knitted bootees and cute dimples. Sometimes it is stressful and harried.

Myself and the fantastic life coach Anke Exner will be running a workshop specifically for mothers of newborns and babes-in-arms. A supportive and welcome environment where mothers (and fathers) can overcome feelings of being not quite “good-enough”, of being stressed, anxious and unable to trust their own instincts.

I will show how nutrition and diet can affect mood and energy levels. Demonstrating easy ways to physically support your body to better cope emotionally. This is a free forum too so any other queries around breast-feeding or weight loss for example can also be discussed.

Anke will introduce coping mechanisms, and offer guidance, tricks and hints to get you beyond anxiety and to a place where you appreciate that really YOU are the expert for YOUR baby.

Thursday 10th Nov 10:00-12:00, Great Haseley

£30 (Refundable against future consultations with Saffron/Anke)


By Saffron Rogerson

28 September 2016