ICSI IVF – Case Study

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The Client

This case study is written about a client of mine, Ms S, who was trying to conceive using her husband’s frozen sperm via the IVF procedure ICSI - Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection. She already had twin 2 year old boys from a previous IVF procedure but was desperate to extend her family.

In ideal circumstances we would look at the father’s health 3-6 months prior to sperm retrieval and the mother’s health 3-6 months prior to her egg collection. This may seem like a long time but as more studies are carried out on epigenetics it is becoming apparent that the diet and lifestyle of both the parents has a significant impact on the DNA that they pass on to their offspring.

However Ms S came to see me just one month before her egg retrieval took place using already retrieved and frozen sperm. With this short time frame it is still possible to positively the influence of IVF.

After the first consultation, I provided Ms S with an in-depth and personalised nutritional protocol that covered the initial stage of egg retrieval. Following this we had a follow-up consultation to assess progress and prepare for embryo transfer.

The Outcome

Following a very successful egg retrieval Ms S’s first embryo transfer disappointedly failed. Fortunately her second procedure was successful and she is currently well into her second trimester and doing well. During our sessions the focus of clinical care moved from egg maturation, to uterine health to foetal health and the changing needs of her and her baby through the different trimesters.

For more information on how genetics can be influenced through pre-conception nutrition and how nutritional therapy can help with IVF please contact me at saffron@thislifenutrition.co.uk.

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By Saffron Rogerson

10 June 2016