Nutritional Therapy Oxfordshire

Nutritional Therapy Oxfordshire

This Life Nutrition is an Oxfordshire based Nutritional Therapy service improving health, wellbeing, fertility and pregnancy through a scientific approach to diet.

How Can Nutritional Therapy Help Me?

Many common problems we suffer are caused by a lack of balance in our lives and in our diets.

For example, IBS can be caused by the stresses of modern life. Faced with the time pressures that cause that stress, we often end up eating a convenience diet that makes the IBS worse.

Tiredness and fatigue might be caused by too many late nights or a hormonal imbalance or a vicious cycle of poor nutrition.

Some people struggle to conceive and others struggle to cope with the rigours of pregnancy. Again, the pressues of modern life or simply the stress of IVF or possible infertility means we aren't getting the right food into our bodies just when we need it the most.

Food is much more than just the fuel that we burn. The Chemistry of the body is complex and elegant. It relies upon a balance of many nutrients to operate at it's best and when your body Chemistry is operating at its best, you will feel at your best and have the best chance of fighting adversity in whatever form.

Nutritional Therapy provides a science-led approach to achieving that balance and feeling your best in a way that fits in with your life and the life you want to create.

Fertility and Pregnancy

We specialise in helping your chances of successful conception and pregnancy. Talk to us about how nutrition can impact your chances of successfully starting a family.

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IBS and Digestion

Don’t get bogged down by irritable bowel problems. Work with This Life Nutrition to flush out your system.

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Tiredness and Fatigue

If you’re constantly crabby or eternally exhausted, you could be working too hard, or a thyroid or adrenal issue could be behind the problem. Talk to us about how to get your mojo back.

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Immune System & Allergies

Our immune system protects us from the dangers of the outside world and it needs the right nutrients to function properly. If you're not being protected as well as you deserve then talk to us about how taking a scientific approach to your diet can help.

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Feminine Health

Nutrition plays an important role in regulating the menstrual cycle, combatting female-specific health problems and making the menopause less uncomfortable. Make sure you’re giving your body the fuel it needs to keep your cycle running smoothly with one of our personalised diet plans.

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Within a few weeks I really noticed a difference, I’m sleeping

better than I have in a long time. Saffron took the time to understand

my lifestyle and habits and then made recommendations and

adjustments that were easy to build into my everyday life.

Dawn Lillington

Let's have a chat over a cup of coffee and see what This Life Nutrition can do for you...